Brodit Accessoires


xxx moveclip met slide connector and swivel USB 216065


Brodit Folding keyboard and tablet/monitor mount. AMPS VESA 216261


Brodit extension plate for Module Upgrade Cradles 216250


Brodit moveclip met slide connector USB tough sleeve 215848


Brodit 5-way table stand for Tough/Heavy Duty Sleeve 216157


Brodit Floor Stand 216263


Brodit Klick Fast mounting adapter 216266


Brodit Hub Mount - for holders with USB-host function 216267


Brodit adhesive cable clips (2-pack) max.3.5mm thickness 216269


Brodit adhesive cable clips (4-pack) max.3.5mm thickness 216270


Brodit adhesive cable clips (8-pack) max.3.5mm thickness 216271


Brodit MultiMoveClip Male 213005-2 21300520BR


Brodit MultiMoveClip for attachment on wall 4 screws 217000


Brodit montage voor Still 8-shape a-stijl forklift 216262


Brodit houder Pokini Tab Z10-LOCK 216208


Brodit houder universeel scanners met pistool grip -heftruck 216224


Brodit spring stud for Module Upgrade holder 216228


Brodit key lock for Module Upgrade holder 216229


Brodit charging module USB-A/DC for Module Upgrade holder 216230


Brodit BIG Tilt Swivel/ drilled holes 42x50x25 with 2xM4 216009


Brodit Metal Extension plate 300x60mm 216044


Brodit Metal Extension plate 180x60mm 216076


Brodit Metal Extension plate 260x60mm 216095


Brodit montageplaat Vesa 75/100+ AMPS 120x120mm 9mm 216138


Brodit Mounting adapter 16mm Furrion Vision S 216218